Discovery Tandem Flights

Your adventure starts here!

Moyes Dragonfly towing tandem hang glider

Experience hang gliding while soaring thousands of feet above the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Sonora Wings is Arizona's premier hang gliding experience. Tandem Discovery flights are fun for everyone; we have taken people from 6 to 90 years old, 40 to 250 pounds, and of all physical abilities.

2k Discovery Flight (2,000 feet) - $169

Our most popular flight is the perfect way to experience hang gliding for the first time. It is definitely an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

3k Discovery Flight (3,000 feet) - $249

You will be towed up an extra 1,000 feet. Use the extra altitude to relax and take in the awesome scenery, spend more time learning to control the glider, or have your instructor show you the "roller coaster". You will definitely want to get this flight on video!

Mile High Flight (5,280 feet) - $349

This is our highest flight. You and your instructor will be towed up a full mile above the ground to enjoy the spectacular views of the Sonoran Desert. This flight lasts over 40 minutes and climbs to 5,280 feet above the ground. Get ready for an experience you won't soon forget!

Hang Gliding over the Arizona Desert

Media Package - $45

Share your experience! The media package includes a full length HD video and over 100 high quality photos of your entire flight. Your friends won't believe the breathtaking views captured by our high definition camera.