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Please use the contact form at the bottom or email us for more information. We do have boxes and all gliders are available for shipping at buyer's expense (normally $150-$250 in the 48 states). We will only sell gliders to HG pilots with the appropriate rating.


North Wing T2 - $1400

This North Wing T2 is in very good condition. The frame recently had a full sail off inspection. The sail probably has 50-100 hours and is in overall great shape. There is one small tear on the under surface from transport, about 1 inch long cosmetic only. It is setup with brand new flying wires from North Wing (side, front, and rear). Also includes a heavy duty keel built by North Wing, perfect for landing tandems on wheels or using as a part 103 trike wing. Tandem landing gear pictured available separately.

Moyes Gecko - $4200

This Gecko is just over a year old and has less than 40 hours. Overall it is in excellent condition and flies great. It comes with a PX Mylar leading edge, white dacron top and orange dacron bottom. It also comes with the very sexy Moyes Carbon speedbar. It is close to perfect with only a few small blemishes on the left wing tip and the right top surface (see the pictures). Also available with brand new aluminum base bar for $3800.

Airwave Pulse 9m - $1400

Here is an Airwave Pulse 9m in great condition. This glider has been well cared for and looks great. The Pulse is now being produced by North Wing, which means you will be able to get all the parts for this glider right from North Wing in the United States. The Pulse is a double surface glider with no VG. It is suitable for a talented beginner, and is widely regarded as one of the best dune soaring gliders by the experts. There is one small tear on the under surface that has been patched, otherwise excellent condition.

Aeros Target 16 - $1000

Target 16m. Blue and white. Very good overall condition. It has a few patches on the right wing from one very minor ground incident, otherwise sail is in great shape. This glider is able to short pack and comes with the optional short pack bag from Aeros. Target specs. Aeros website.

Aeros Target 16 - $1400

Target 16m. Red/Yellow/Blue/White. This glider is in excellent condition. No patches on the sail and the material shows low hours. This glider is able to short pack. Target specs. Aeros website.

Wills Wing Falcon 195 - $900

Falcon 1 195. Great overall condition for a Falcon 1. One small patch on the right leading edge (pictured). Otherwise sail looks very good. This glider sets up and flies great.

Wills Wing Falcon 140 - $400

Here is a Falcon 1 in size 140. This is an older glider with normal wear for its age. It has a few small rips in the sail that have been patched with tape, and a few larger rips from one blow-over incident that were repaired by Wills Wing (see photos). Although this glider is a little cosmetically rough around the edges, it is in good airworthy condition. *Due to the age and condition of this glider, it is not available for shipping and must be inspected and picked up locally.*


Flytec 4010 - $250

This Flytec 4010 is "like new", it really shows only very light signs of use and has probably been used for less than 10 hours.


Kali Avatar II full face helmet - $399 $175 including shipping

If you are going to use a full face helmet, then in our opinion the Kali Avatar II is one of the best options available. Only 822 grams, a full carbon shell, and using Kali's latest Composite Fusion Plus technology. This is the current and latest version (2016). This helmet is being discontinued and replaced with a heavier motox style helmet. We have very limited quantities so get them while supplies last! We have it in the style "jet" (pictured). *price includes shipping inside the 48 states*
Sizes: XS 53-54 CM, S 55-56 CM, M 57-58 CM, L 59-60 CM, XL 61-62 CM.

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